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Ideas for Ikea furniture

Our team is specialised in finding clever solutions to make freestanding IKEA wardrobes to fit-in using smart the space in your house. It will become part of your room’s architecture. Ikea Hacks 

Flat Pack Assembly

Save yourself the time, frustration and the arguments and get your flat pack assembled by the professionals from Wardrobefy at your home or your office. Ikea Flat Pack 

Cut Down & Custom Made

Wardrobefy specialists will modify the existing space of your living, bedroom or kitchen giving a fresh new look using your IKEA furniture with hacks and ideas custom cut down and reassembly to fit in. Custom Made Furniture

Bespoke bedroom furniture

As we are truly bespoke, we hand made customise IKEA wardrobes and dressing tables to fit the space perfectly without the need for any infill at all.

Ikea hacks ideas from Wardrobefy

Working within your budget, we can completely customise your bedroom, hand making and fitting made to measure wardrobes with bespoke hanging space, shelving and drawers together with new bedside units and storage from IKEA items. 

Shelves and Cube storage units

Wardrobefy is here for you and will give you some IKEA hacks for decorating your living room with a new fresh update. Let's begin the 2020 Fresh Start series with the entryway. Today, let's focus on the living room. 
IKEA's shelves and cube storage units are the perfect solution to organize everything in your home, from beautiful objects you love to display to the essentials, we have some great ideas of using these cubes and maximizing your storage space making your room more spacious.

living room wardrobefy -surrey

Bedroom ideas of storage  / cut & fit

Need to store clothes or more in a small or awkwardly shaped room? Make the best of all its quirks with these clever bedroom storage ideas.  Wardrobefy helps you choose from a wide range of modular systems from ikea to help you create a more bespoke room. Its storage solutions can be used in any room, we will cut them and modify to fit in impossible spaces, maybe a place that you never thought will fit a wardrobe!

Bedroom storage wardrobefy

Custom-Designed Ikea Wardrobes

With the help of Wardrobefy Hack ideas custom-designed wall unit, it’s easy to see what you have and find outfit inspiration. We are offering Ikea furniture modified with clever and clean solutions to fit your bedroom space using our special and high quality cut & fit wardrobes knowledge.
Wardrobefy fits perfectly your custom wardrobe under a leaning ceiling or a staircase. Adjustable knowledge we have make it possible to compensate any irregularities in the floor or wall in your room.

Wardrobefy Bedroom London

Smart storage ideas and Ikea hacks design

We are here for you! Wardrobefy will always find the best way to enhance your room atmosphere and maximize the space even if you need a lot of storage shelves, wardrobes all cubes. 
Organize and show off your favorite garments with your new Wardrobefy customised chest of drawers and clothes rack, designed in an very cozy and homey style with ikea furniture. Life-sized storage systems, from boxes to clothes and kids storage rooms for toys or smart bed systems.

Wardrobefy londone smart storage system
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